Parish Registration and Membership

Parish Registration and Membership

We wish to emphasize the importance of each family or single adult being registered in our parishes. Registration allows us to know the needs of the people we serve.  It enables us to respond quickly to sick calls, to matters pertaining sacraments, funerals, and tax reporting.  Anyone who wishes to be considered a member of Seven Dolors or St. Patrick’s needs to be officially registered the parish.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Attending Mass does not automatically make you a member of the parish.
  • Enrolling your child at the catholic school, does not automatically register the family with the church.

If you know that you are not registered, are unsure as to your registration status, are new to Seven Dolors or St. Patrick’s Church, have left the parish for a period of time, or have not updated your registration card for a while, please call the parish office at (785) 565-5000 to inquire about registering. You can also update your information by completing the registration form available on this website under the tab labeled "about us".

Rite of Christian Initiation -RCIA

Do you want to become Catholic, or know of anyone who wants to know more about our Catholic faith?  We have a faith journey called RCIA – the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Through this process, interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman  Catholic faith and way of life.

If you have been a Catholic all your life and would like to expand your basic knowledge, we offer many forms of Adult Formation ranging from Bible Study groups to Small Groups of Faith Sharing; from diocesan opportunities for Continuing Ed to seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation for Adults in our parish.



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a faith journey designed for adults who, after hearing the mystery of Christ proclaimed, consciously and freely seek the living God and enter the way of faith and conversion as the Holy Spirit opens their hearts. By God’s help they will be strengthened spiritually during their preparation and at the proper time will receive the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion, fruitfully. A Candidate is someone who has been validly baptized in another faith. A Catechumen is someone who has never been baptized. The faith journey is divided into four periods: Precatechumenate is a time for inquiry and introduction to Gospel values. The Rite of Acceptance follows this period. The Catechumenate is a time for the nurturing and growth in faith and conversion to God. The Rite of Election or Enrollment of Names follows this period. The Period of Purification and Enlightenment is the time during Lent of reflection, intensely centered on conversion, marked by celebration of the Scrutinies and of the preparation rites on Holy Saturday. All who have completed this time of preparation and have found themselves ready are brought into the Catholic faith at Easter Vigil. The last stage - Mystagogy is the time following Easter during which the newly initiated experience being it means to be fully a part of the Catholic community.


Rosie Rundell is a certified advocate for the Annulment Process. Call the Parish Office at 785-565-5000 for set up an appointment.

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