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Seven Dolors (Sorrows) of Mary
+ Prophesy of Simeon 
+ Flight into Egypt 
+ Search for the Child Jesus in Jerusalem 
+ Meeting Christ on Way to the Cross 
+ Crucifixion 
+ Mary receives the Body of Jesus from the Cross 
+ Mary Places the Body of Jesus in the Tomb

The Stained Glass Windows of Seven Dolors Catholic Church (1920)
The artist responsible for the stained glass windows of Seven Dolors Catholic Church is Max Schoeler, born in Austria in 1890. In Austria he practiced the art of Bavarian China Painting. In his twenties, Schoeler immigrated to America, but found no demand for his craft. Nearly broke, he established the Munich Glass Company in Chicago, which produced stained glass windows solely for churches. 

The company employed four artists, five glass cutters, and one outside salesman. After the subject matter was chosen for the window, Schoeler completed the scene full-size, drawn in charcoal in about one and a half days. Each large window in Seven Dolors contains a minimum of 550 pieces of colored glass held together by strips of lead. Details were painted on the glass after the window's assembly. It took four to five people six weeks to complete one window. 

The Munich Glass Company flourished until the time of the Great Depression. Schoeler, along with Herman Scholtz (who had worked as an artist for the Munich Glass Company) were both hired by Frank Drehobl of the Drehobl Glass Company in Chicago. Both continued with Drehobl until their retirement in the late 1940's or early 1950's. 

Some symbols are consistent throughout the windows. There are 32 halos; each is different. All of Christ's halos have a trinity symbol (no other halo shows this cross-like symbol). The Greek Cross appears in Christ's garments, even his baby blankets. Mary's garments are marked with stars and a stylized crown. Some windows are signed by the artists.

Beginning at the left front of the church:

The Good Shepherd: Donated by Sacred Heart Academy, 1920. The mountain in the distance is made of end of day glass (the only piece in the entire church). Christ's halo is marked with the sign of the trinity. Christ's eyes are weary from looking for the lost sheep.
Jesus Meets His Mother: Donated by Mrs. P.J. Burns in memory of Patrick and Ellen Maguire. Here, notice that Christ's garments are marked with the Greek Cross.
The Annunciation: Donated by the Altar Society in memory of Fr. J.M.J. Reade. See the richness of Mary's silk garments and her beautiful long hair.
The Visitation: In memory of Garrett and Eliza Fitzgerald, donated by their children, Mrs. J.M. Healey, D.E. Fitzgerald, J.J. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Emily Scully and Mrs. F.R. Smith. Notice the depth of facial expressions.
The Nativity: Donated by Peter and Martin Glenn in memory of Malachi and Elizabeth Glenn. Look at the beautiful eyes of Joseph and the young Mary. Notice the reflection of the town in the lake in the background.
The Presentation: Donated by Mrs. Bridget Clark. Notice the "M" symbol in Mary's blue cloak. Joseph carries two doves, and the temple fire glows above the pillar.
Rose Window (choir loft): Donated by the Knights of Columbus. St. Cecilia is the patroness of music.
Finding Jesus in the Temple: Donated by J.H. Peak in memory of Mathias and Christena Peak. See the tired eyes of Joseph and the brilliant red glass. Not much red glass was used because it required the addition of gold to achieve its color.
The Holy Family: A signed window donated by Mont J. Green in memory of Edward F. Green. Notice the detail of the wood graining and Mary's beautiful garment.
Christ Blessing the Children: Donated by the Collister Family in memory of Mary and Nelson Collister. This is a signed window.
The Apparition of the Sacred Heart: Donated by the O. Halstead family in gratitude to the Sacred Heart. Also signed window (on the step). Notice the flickering candle flames and the trinity symbol in Christ's halo.
The Crucifixion: In memory of Jennie Burns. Notice the brilliant colors of the sky and the over-sized sorrowful eyes of Mary and John. Scourge marks are visible on Christ's body and blood drips on Mary Magdalene's arm.
The Resurrection: Donated by the Newman Club, KS, 1920. Look at the shock on the face of the soldier. Notice the signature in the step beneath Christ's feet.
The Seven Dolors (Sorrows) of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Donated by the Altar Society in memory of Bishop John F. Cunningham. Located above the altar.
Behold, the Man (Pilate Judging Jesus): Donated by the Altar Society in memory of deceased pastors. Located above the altar