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Located in the Seven Dolors Parish Center (731 Pierre), the Seven Dolors Food Pantry is run by volunteers as a satellite of the Flint Hills Bread Basket. The Pantry is open on Thursday afternoons.  The process begins at the Flint Hills Breadbasket located at 905 Yuma (785-537-0730).  The Bread Basket cares for the citizens of Riley County who are in need of food assistance.  

Seven Dolors and Saint Patrick’s parishioners have the opportunity to use donation envelopes bi-monthly. Other cash donations may be sent to the Parish Center. Physical donations are welcome and may be made in the Seven Dolors Church entrance or at the Parish Center.

The Family Center Budget Shop, located at 730 Colorado, sells items donated from the Community. Funds are dispersed by the board to assist different organizations (including Flint Hills Clinic, Shepherds Crossing, Emergency Shelter,  and Crisis Center). Items are also shared with other service organizations, Mennonite Mission and a South Dakota Indian reservation.  Vouchers for special needs are available.

Donations may be left at 730 Colorado (back of building) Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

The Budget Shop is open August thru June:

  • Tuesday-Friday: Noon to 3pm
  • Saturday - 10am to 1pm

Contact us at: 785-565-5010 or visit our Facebook page:  The Budget Shop 

The MINISTRY OF CARE for Seven Dolors-St. Patrick’s is a group of volunteers who have committed themselves to assist the priests in looking after the spiritual needs of the sick, hospitalized, care home residents and homebound of our two parishes.

Their ministry includes weekly visits to Via Christi Hospital with Communion to Catholic patients, weekly Communion to homebound parishioners, and monthly visits to parishioners in Manhattan care homes.

Seven Dolors also has spiritual care of all Catholics at Meadowlark Hills and help is needed with weekly Communion to residents and in assisting with religious services on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.

If you would like to assist in this ministry, either as a monthly visitor, or as a Minister of Holy Communion on Sundays etc., please contact the Parish Center, or Fr. Merlin Kieffer who coordinates the volunteers for the Pastor.

WHEN A MEMBER of SEVEN DOLORS or ST. PATRICK is HOSPITALIZED or becomes HOMEBOUND, they or a family member are encouraged to contact the Parish Center [785-565-5000] or one of the priests so that Communion and/or Anointing of the Sick and other spiritual ministry can be arranged for them.

If a parishioner knows ahead of time when surgery or other treatment for serious illness is to take place, it is helpful to arrange for an Anointing of the Sick ahead of time – perhaps, after a Sunday or weekday Mass.  Please call the Parish Center at 565-5000.

Note: Federal law now prevents hospitals and medical care facilities from disclosing the presence of patients to others unless they or their designated caregiver has signed the HIPPA release.  So, priests and Catholic lay ministers visiting the hospital will not have your name on the Catholic admissions paper when they go for Anointing or Communion unless you ask the admitting nurse to make sure you are on the “Catholic List” and sign the release.  Also, they cannot tell us that you or your family member is being transferred to a rehab or care facility, or to hospice.  You must let us know!

The St. Joseph Chapel for Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament has existed since 1995. The Chapel is open to the public from 7 AM to 9 PM daily. Members of the Chapel Board are: Linda Lake (Coordinator),  Rhonda Briggs,  Brad Fagan,  Mickey Keithley,  Jana Lutgen,  Sharon Morcos.  Ex-Offico members are: Fr. Kerry Ninemire,  Carolyn Anderson,  Larry Nordstrom,  and Rosie Rundell.

This group meets every Tuesday morning at 10AM. Members donate their time and talent by creating hand-knitted and crocheted shawls for those in need. The ministry’s message of caring is simple, universal, and enduring.

The Elizabeth Ministry reaches out to women who have had a baby by bringing a meal to their house after they come home from the hospital. It is important that new parents notify the parish of a new child.